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2012-11-30 20:39:37 by dELtaluca

I'm not really a frequent visitor to newgrounds forums at all as i was many years ago.

Anyone who get's onto my profile, here you go!



Nape doc + forums + etc etc

2010-08-21 11:31:52 by dELtaluca

Grabbed some hosting from a uni friend who could offer me very good prices so i've moved documentation into the new domain along with a forum.

New Nape Wiki.

2010-07-10 09:05:10 by dELtaluca

New fancy pants documentation for nape is now just about finished! yaaaaaay

Nape Wiki

oooo fancy.

New Nape Wiki.

FP10.1 RC5 + Nape = EVEN FASTER

2010-05-20 21:28:55 by dELtaluca

new RC5 of flash player 10.1 has pushed performance even further with nape now! (Aswell as fixing that annoying bug that caused compiling nape through AS3 to crash the player in previous release candidates)

Other updates: Collision callbacks, constraint breaking and impact strength calculations etc etc are all here now!

Big pyramid demo: 2d658a877eae8c35597b74728548cd
Has increased in fps from ~36fps in Fp10 on my computer, to 50fps stable in Fp10.1 RC5

One-way platforms and sensors using collision callbacks: 29703ce8afd97b3dca086aae81866a

player controls using callbacks: acfef0a98d62a9b8df77dc297a7447

some fun with constraints and sensors: 30b9e99327bc8e3cbd89e6c1a5adf8

some fun with evaluating impact strengths for sounds: de2b262205386329d43074e74a890f (ignore ugly ugly sound file)

FP10.1 RC5 + Nape = EVEN FASTER

(As long as you aren't using the flash player 10.1 pre-release beta, in which case it will simply crash)

Got the nape engine compiled to a .swc now also, which can seamlessly be linked to a flex/flash project for use in any AS3 project now too!

And of course, the engine it's self performs exactly the same as though you were working in haXe, so for those of you who love AS3 too much to transfer to haXe (Though i suggest you should! it's way better and compiles much faster code) you can use my engine too, which performs far better than any other AS3 engine out there i've tested.

Nape Project Page

Nape physics engine, now for AS3 too!

Flash Player 10.1 beta + nape physics engine

2010-05-07 22:57:32 by dELtaluca

nape project page

YAY, It seems Adobe is finally doing something right, testing Demo03 with the readily available pre-release beta of flash player 10.1 (you can google it and get an instant hit for the page) increase the fps for my computer in browser on that demo of nape from 38fps to 50fps when everything is active and nothing is asleep.

Also: Got some proper wiki going on for nape now in the Wiki section of the project page, hope to get some short tutorials too to get anyone that might ever want to use the physics engine started.

'Nearly' ready for a stable release of the physics engine, atm i'm calling it v0.8beta :P

Logo by Duchednier (JordanD)

Flash Player 10.1 beta + nape physics engine

haXe/AS3 preprocessor + physics engine

2010-04-29 07:12:08 by dELtaluca

Yah, work in progesses.

haXe/AS3 preprocessor:

caXe(haXe) physics engine:


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2009-08-31 09:13:27 by dELtaluca

The highlight of Leeds this year by far, if i were the type i'd've shat myself in joy probably.

Time Lapse

2009-08-10 05:11:17 by dELtaluca

It's been over a year since i made a post.