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2008-04-21 16:11:02 by dELtaluca

Went away to Africa (Specifically, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana. And Dubai on the way back (Dubai for those ignorant is NOT in Africa, it's in the middle-east in the United Arab Emirates)

Fun, and that's all i'm going to say :P

well not really:

Zimbabwe - most polite, friendly staff of them all. and very cheap place.

Botswana - just spent a day, not as friendly

South Africa - apart from literally 2 s.africans, young couple from johannesburg, all the white south africans were very reclusive, only talking between themselves and segregating foreigners from conversations etc. Black south americans alot friendlier on average.

Dubai - now this place is just surreal, its just crazy.

NG reg meetup 08

2008-01-20 12:52:42 by dELtaluca

A fun time it was, but I couldn't get the hang of the iPod touches to ban myself again while luis was logged in (although someone else made some posts with his account :P)

Since i didnt get my ID in time the only places that served me where the Ice bar for some reason, and the dutch pub when using JPI's cards with no picture on ;P

So, when's the next one ^^

ng flash reg meetup 07

2007-09-13 14:23:11 by dELtaluca

can't be arsed to give my own account of it:

But i think we can all agree the highlight of the meetup was me using Luis' account to ban myself for a day stating the reason as 'you're not quite 1337' as reference to Luis' text about my phone number ending in 2337 and according to luis, being like myself "not quite 1337"


so, does this make me the only person in NG history (Or at very least, one of the select few) to have ever banned themselves?

: we also got to view the renowned Mod forum while on Luis' account :D