Flash Player 10.1 beta + nape physics engine

2010-05-07 22:57:32 by dELtaluca

nape project page

YAY, It seems Adobe is finally doing something right, testing Demo03 with the readily available pre-release beta of flash player 10.1 (you can google it and get an instant hit for the page) increase the fps for my computer in browser on that demo of nape from 38fps to 50fps when everything is active and nothing is asleep.

Also: Got some proper wiki going on for nape now in the Wiki section of the project page, hope to get some short tutorials too to get anyone that might ever want to use the physics engine started.

'Nearly' ready for a stable release of the physics engine, atm i'm calling it v0.8beta :P

Logo by Duchednier (JordanD)

Flash Player 10.1 beta + nape physics engine


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2010-05-07 23:20:15

wow, impressive engine you got there. very smooth and collision detection is quite precise.

nice to see that you haven't lost your mystical math powers ;)